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I don't know if you are anything like me, but I am a Nature lover and I care about the environment and our planet. And Yes... Global Warming is REAL!!! And it is a Problem. We can all do our part in one way or another. Some of us Recycle, actually many of us do..., many of us use solar panels to warm our pools. In some parts of the country people use wind and water for energy. Where I came from in Delaware Many homes and businesses used Solar Panels to Energize.

We are now seeing Electric and Hybrid vehicals on the roads and railways. Clean Energy is important to our future and actually our present. From what I've seen the biggest problem with Clean energy has been making it assesible and affordable for everyone, but that is being worked on. I hope I live long enough to see every home and auto solar powered...

I Have However Lived long evough to see one of my Dreams ... and that is a Solar or Renewable Energy Powered City..... A Real City of the Future! Babcock Ranch Town.


Of course when I first heard that Babcock Ranch was going to "plow over" the Nature Preserve, I was one of those not for it because of my love of Nature and the Animals., But, Now that I have seen that they did not hurt any animals or destroy the wildlife,... Babcock Preserve is intact and the Nature and wildlife of Florida is still there! I'm a Happy Camper!!! What they are doing there is helping Save the Planet and Give Back to the Environment.

Clean, Renewable, Recyclable!

I have seen the Vision, The layout of the New Homes, The Power Panels, The City, The New School ... Which Happens to be Taking Applications for the Fall 2017 School Year NOW!

You Can be one of the First People in the World to Love in Florida's FIRST Solar Powered, Sustainable Living, Farm to Table concept, City!

New Green Energy Homes are Being constructed NOW! The first ones will be ready in the Spring of 2017! And you can Call Sharon Tinnin form The New Home Spot, Inc. for any information or to set up a Site Tour!

If you would like to join the Site Tour that The New Home Spot, Inc. has set up for Oct 12th, Please Give me a Call or shoot me a Private message with your Contact information. 239-823-8788


I will be updating the website with information again soon. In the meantime I hope this information is a good start.

Thank you for your understanding. In the meantime, you may contact me directly for any information that you would like to know about this Awsome City!


Sharon E. Tinnin, Broker Associate

The New Home Spot, Inc. 



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CLICK HERE FOR LINK: Please don't forget ask for me or Axel if you call :-)