Check, Repair, Apply

There are a few folks who have had some challenges in their lives that have caused credit scores to drop. We don't like to judge or turn you away. I believe everyone deserves a chance to be a homeowner. If you have a desire to make the changes that are required and do the necessary work, you too can reap the benefits of Home Ownership. 

This applies to those of you who may have had a Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Short Sale in the past. You Can be a Homeowner again. There are waiting times and you just have to work on your credit, don't spend when you don't have to, and save money (if you can). Easier said than done, I know. 

The process is not an overnight process. It can take time and patience. I am going to list a few places where you can start and a few resources and offer a few tips. 

But Remember, You are grown and you are your own person and do not have to listen to my advice. However, If you do, You might find yourself no longer paying your Landlords' mortgage and finally paying your own. 


These are two Companies where you can Check and Monitor your Credit

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1. Free Credit Report dot com was highly recommended by my classmates when I went to the First Time Homebuyer Class last year.  

2. I Personally Like and use which was also highly recommended. and actually IS FREE.

Both of these are good starting points. It's good to know and Track your Credit score before you even start House shopping. 


*** And Whatever you Do If you Want to Buy a House? Do NOT go out and Buy a Car or a Bunch of Expensive Furniture!!! Don't Finance ANYTHING!!!!!


For Credit Repair services. I googled and found these two companies to be ranked high on all of my searches. 

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1. Lexington Law, 1-855-255-0139 

2. Credit Repair Dot Com  1-855-255-0263


If your Credit is Questionable or Not Bank Perfect,  I recomment working on it before House Shopping to make your experience a smoother one. However, sometimes, circumstances may prevent you from being able to wait and you may need to find a house and get financed NOW. And with Morgtage Rates being as they currently are, making Payments Lower than most Rent payments, It may be necessary to use Other Lenders. I have provided a couple of Lenders who have advertised to me. I am also providing a couple of Hard Money Lenders who do not require documentation, But be careful with them, They are usually for Investors. I advise to shop around and do your research. 

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1. American Lending advertises that they do a FHA loan with as low as a 500 FICO score. It probably has a high down payment and Interest rate. But Check their site out and call them if you like. I have not spoken to them or worked with them.