Interviewing a REALTOR®

To assist in making the decision on which agent to choose, here is a list of possible questions to ask the agent: 

  1. Where do you think the buyer for my home will be coming from?  Will it be a Move up Buyer (Upgrade), or a Renter (First Time Home Buyer)?
  2. How will you market to this particular buyer?  What proactive steps will you perform to reach this specific targeted buyer other than the 5 P’s?  (Please see the 5 P’s listed below)
  3. What do you do as an agent that is exceptional that sets you “above” the average Realtor in your area?  (Please do not quote me your company’s statistics, show me and tell me what you personally do to promote your listings.)
  4. What could I do to improve the marketability of my home?
  5. What is the biggest drawback to my home?  (Possible buyer objections), please be candid with me now so that I know what to expect.
  6. Do you think that a buyer incentive is called for on my home?  What incentive would you recommend?

With the above questions, ... It has been my experience to work with buyers from around the Globe as far away in the United States as California and In the World as Germany.

  1. Some of my Buyers have been Move up Buyers moving from a rental property or a smaller house. I also work with First Time HomeBuyers and the Military since my Husband Served in Vietnam and I was in The Air National Guard during Operation Desert Storm. 

  2. I believe Some of the things that I do that go Above and beyond the average agent, and I am not putting down any of my fellow agent are as follows: First of all I will be honest with you and not be a like a politician and make promises that I may not be able to keep. As A Broker Associate I place myself a little above where I was when I was only a Realtor in that I have More Knowledge to pass along, I am bound by Higher Standards and Ethics and I tend to follow the Law maybe too closely if that is possible. As far as statistics go, statistics change as life changes.

 3. How I market a property depends on the specific property. I have placed ads in magazines when necessary, door knocked, networked at public events handing out brochures and flyers. This is in addition to the normal Marketing strategies of Internet, Open houses, Mailings, Email Blasts, Social Media, sign riders, etc. I can even hire a professional photographer if the Home Owner will allow. 

 4. As far as Suggestions to Improve Marketability of your Home, I will have a Page on here with generic suggestions. Each home is individual, and must be treated as such. I will treat the Drawbacks the Same. Usually My biggest drawbacks will come in to play if you have something wrong with the home that you do not wish to disclose. Or If there is something wrong that may de-value your home and you as a Seller refuse to acknowledge it as such, Wanting Me as a Professional to compromise my ethics and either act as if I did not see the problem, wanting me to list your home for higher than you as a Seller know it is truly worth based on Neighborhood Comps. 

5. I Will Walk Away from your Listing if I am uncomfortable or if we disagree on the Price. Remamber, You can always get a REAL Appraisal prior to calling a Realtor to List. Then you Know how much it is worth and how much a Buyer can get it financed for. I Often Suggest this to My Sellers. As A Brokers Price Opinion Resourse, I have been Trained Thouroughly to provide Accurate BPO's and CMA's. However, a Certified Market Analysis of the Current Value of your Home Based on Current Property Listings and Recent Sales is still not an Appraisal performed by a Licensed Appraiser, who happens to have the last word at the bank. 

6. I Usually Suggest to my Prospective Sellers to Get a Pre-Seller Home Inspection and Know what may come up when your Home goes pending. There are things that can arise that are unseen usch as wood-destroying insects, roof problems, defective drywall, etc. It is good to know in advance. These inspections USUALLY run under $500.but don't quote me. I will post a few home inspectors on my Links page. I have seen a few sales fall thru after being pending for a month. Very upsetting on both ends of the deal. You can find out and Disclose in Advance.  

7. As for Buyer Incentives, many of my buyers know that by law they can ask for Seller Closing Consessions. Many don't ask especially if they are neqotiating the price or terms. If they are not, I must be honest again, I always suggest to my needy buyers to ask for them. Now, With The Other type of Incentives, like "Bonuses" I have offered Selling Agent Bonuses when I have had "Challenging" properties. I think it might be a good idea. For a Unique property or one that for whatever reason just isn't moving. I offered my bonuses out of my commission. My Sellers did not pay, nor did my Broker. 

8. Being Creative and Flexible is good on both sides. 


When you are interviewing agents, it is also to your advantage to select an agent who not ONLY performs the 5 P’s, but also have many of the following “proactive marketing strategies” such as: (Which I usually Do) 

  • Installing a Brochure Box/Information Box on the Yard Sign;
  • Uses QR codes on sign riders and advertising;
  • Advertises listings on Facebook and other social media;
  • Creating a Color Highlight Brochure for Buyer Showings;
  • Internet Capability;
  • Email Blasts
  • Direct Mail Program;
  • Personal Advertising Above and Beyond What Their Real Estate Company Advertises;
  • Interior Highlight Cards;
  • “800” Information Sign Rider Installed on the Yard Sign;
  •  Personal Brochure and/or Professional Resume;
  • *Broker Caravan Tour with Lunch/Raffle Provided to Entice Additional Agents to View the Home 

The “average” agent will do the 5 “P’s” on a listing property.  They will:

  1. Put A For Sale Sign in Your Yard;
  2. Put Your Home in the Multiple Listing Service;
  3. Put Your Home in Advertising;
  4. *Put Your Home on Broker Caravan Tour;
  5. Put Your Home on Public Open House.

A Listing Agreement is Basically an Employment Contract. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT a contract to Sell a home. It is a contract to try to locate a Ready, Willing and Able Buyer, using whatever means we have available. In order to efficiently do this Your Agent will should have questions for you as a Home Seller that will help get your home Listed in a way to locate that buyer. Your cooperation will also be helpful in making this a smooth transaction. 

      1. Are you willing to have a Sign put in your Yard?

      2. Are you willing to Keep your home viewable and Allow Open Houses which will enable Customers to View your Property?

      3. Will your Home or Property be Available for Showings for Potential Buyers within a reasonable amount of notice (usually nte 24hrs?) 

      4. Are you willing to Price your Home reasonably in accordance with the Current Market Value and Adjust the price if neccessary IAW the same?

      5. Can you be honest with and work with an honest strait forward Realtor, advising of any unseen deficiencies that need to be disclosed prior to listing? 

      6. Are you willing to provide any and all necessary paperwork, documentation and information requested and necessary to assure that your home sale is a smooth sale?

      7. If your home needs a little "Sprucing" for "Curb Appeal" are you willing to do that in order to make your Home Appealing to a Drive By Shopper? 


I want to Thank you for Considering me for your Realtor. I as that you go onto my Profile page and learn a little about me. I Don't think I am like most. I do not work with alot of people at one time so that I may give more individualized attention. I might be too honest for some people. Please realize that some of your interview questions are quite generic and only suggested. I went by my "Gut" when I hired my Realtor before I got into Real Estate. She wasn't the most experienced nor did she have the highest numbers, but she busted her backside for me to locate a home when nobody else would. Even before I have a Pre-approval or sold my house up north. I still would recommend her. And remember, Not all Realtors can aford to put out advance funds for TV ads and Publications, That does not make them bad Realtors. There is alot to be said for honesty and dedication.

*You as a Seller can Pay For TV and Print Ads in advance should you wish to Advertise that way. Most of the time they aren't necessary, as most people use the Internet to Shop. 

*The Broker Caravan Tour is available upon Request by Demand.

Anyway, As for what a "Good" Realtor will do for you.... A Good Realtor will try to find you a Ready, Willing and Able Buyer using whatever means they have at their disposal! And that is what I would like to do for you.